In light of COVID-19, Kickstart Is Offered Completely Virtual

You've got nothing to lose -
except unwanted weight.  


Clinically supervised

Group classes two times per week 

Managed through our mobile app

plus meal replacements

Kickstart is the easiest way to try out our Keep It Off Program. You'll get to experience the thrill of safe, rapid weight-loss under the supervision of our highly trained team. 

What is 

What's Included

Clinically Supervised

Our team of expert clinicians and practitioners, will monitor and guide you through the entire process. 

Mobile App

You'll only be a click away from getting the support you need through our mobile app. 

Two times per week, you'll gather with others on the journey and learn how to lose weight and keep it off. 

Virtual Classes and Support

Meal replacements for about the cost of groceries

In addition to your $75 two week Kickstart program, you'll purchase about $90 of delicious, healthy meal replacements per week. Instead of spending money on ice cream and chips, you'll eat our proven meal replacements. 

Hear From Real Life Patients

We'll knock off $75 from our full program.


If you're like most of our patients, you'll likely be thrilled with the results you see during our Kickstart program and will want to advance to our complete Keep It Off Program. 

In celebration of your graduation from Kickstart, we'll knock $75 off of our first month of our full Keep It Off program so you can keep losing weight and reach your goals. 

Insurance May Cover Your Program Costs

If you decide to move forward, there is a good chance that your insurance will cover most (or all) of the cost of our full program. Or, if you can't wait to get started, why not check your insurance now?

Purchase now and KICKSTART your weight-loss


Program Specifics 
Kickstart is a 14-day rapid weight-loss program. It provides a trial of the Hernried Center's Keep It Off program. Patients will use a very low calorie diet and will be under the supervision of our medical team.
Meal replacements are required and cost $75-125 per week. At the conclusion of Kickstart, patients are eligible to transition to our full
Keep It Off program. 



These are real messages from recent patients of the Hernried Center. They tried the other programs and online weight-loss programs and nothing worked. 

But look at them now! 

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